from Weingut Heidhof in Burg (Mosel)

Thank you for your interest in our website. What should you expect from it? We would like to present our winery and holiday accommodation, and if you like it, we look forward to seeing you some time at Weingut Heidhof. I am Philipp Conrad, and I run the Weingut together with my wife, Berit. We took over the Weingut in 2014 from my parents, Sigrid and Harald Conrad. Just as they had taken it over from my grandparents, Josef and Klara Conrad. As you can see, it is traditional in our family to be devoted to the production of wine and to welcoming guests. This tradition can be traced back to at least 1660.
My parents made the Weingut Heidhof what it is today, with energy and honest hard work. In over 30 years, they have dealt with the many challenges fate has thrown their way and have consistently found new approaches to keep the business up to date. And they are still doing so. We are fortunate that they still help us with the daily challenges that arise, with dedication and enthusiasm. Together it is our goal to make the Heidhof a place where our guests become our friends. And the next generation is already in the starting-blocks. Through our sons Elias and Jacob, the next generation is already discovering its love of the Heidhof and its people.
In a world that turns ever faster, it is our responsibility to take the Heidhof into the future, with sustainability and respect for this patch of earth our watchwords. Not just for our family, but also for you, our customers and friends.

Berit and Philipp Conrad

Sigrid and Harald Conrad

Since we passed on the Heidhof to our son Philipp’s family in 2014, we have continued to look after the guests and accommodation. It still gives us as much pleasure after more than 30 years to give our guests a few carefree days. It remains our goal to bring to our guests the hospitality of our family, a love of wine and a sense of closeness to nature. As the Heidhof has been the centre of our family life since it was built, it gives us great pleasure to be able to accompany the Heidhof into the future with the generations following us. After passing on the Heidhof, we have more time to devote to our grandchildren. Our two grandsons keep us on our toes (and keep us young too). The great thing about our life at the Heidhof is the variety and diversity of the tasks that the days bring, challenges that we tackle together, as a family, as we have always done.
Experience the peace and relaxation of the Heidhof first hand, and let yourself be moved by the atmosphere of the Mosel landscape and our hospitality.

To get to know us a bit better, we direct you to the other pages of our website, with further information about the Heidhof and its inhabitants. Get a first impression of our winery, the Weingut, the holiday accommodation and the environment that awaits you should you visit Burg on the Mosel.
We have also updated our Wine shop, so that it is easier to order our wines online. Our wines are sent to you well-packaged via DHL.
We are already looking forward to the moment when we are able personally to welcome you to the Heidhof, where guests become friends.

The Conrad family wishes you a wonderful holiday.

Elias and Jacob Conrad